How many of you have heard of this guy? No, better question: How many of you haven't received one of his comments?

Not sure? Name kinda rings a bell? Yes, you know him and you wish to anally introduce him to a variety of dictionaries, because he quite obviously seeps feces from his mouth? Maybe you've just been fortunate enough to have never dealt with him.

In that case, let me show you what he's like.

Fuck you

This fuck-face routinely stops over at my baby blog, and insists on littering it with his trash. This is a person that takes all of 2 seconds to summarize a post and somehow be able to leave an opinion.

So did your mom last night

It's comments like these that take away from the credibility of a post. Say some producer is looking for music blogs to feature his music on, as long as the comments are visible these producers will look at them.

That might be why for such a long time I've been deleting his worthless comments. Speaking of worthle-- no, too early.

I know, cuntflap, that's why I put it up

What R does happens often. A month and a half of on and off commenting, followed by the realization that not once did I comment on the shit-for-brains' blog. In a few months, he'll come to my blog again and decide it's time to try and recruit me again.

Two times in a row? Gasp

It doesn't take much for  this dumb-fuckery to get on my nerves. As far as I've been aware there's no dead set way to block assholes from commenting. You can block a follower, but R isn't one.

I will hunt you down and rip your testicles apart

I could go out of my way (way, way out) and block the dipshit's IP address, but if there's a proxy involved or if the fucker ever moves, I'll get so pissed off I might do something drastic. Like report him to the CIA as a major drug distributor. The time I get for wasting theirs might be worth it, I just wish I could see R's face when it all goes down.

So let's assume that within an hour this dickwad can comment on about 100 blogs. That's pretty fucking fantastic isn't it? That should mean he writes some mother fucking excellent posts, now doesn't it? I mean, it better.

Curiosity got the best of me and I took a peek at the blog. Maybe there's quality content on it. What a terrible idea.

Fucking rage...

This piece of shit of a blog is full of other people's articles, copied and pasted. One day I'm going to post about exactly how much I hate that. For now, let me fix the blog up a little.

That's better

I'm getting to something here. After a few seconds of serious thought, I realized what this fuck brain does isn't an easy task. It's not easy to be so terrible in every aspect of something. I may suck at Chinese, but after a few months I'll get better. Not R, though. Not with blogging.

So R, if you took the time to read this, I think you're special. I've made an award for people like you.

Real award, find out all about it here

R, you are the first ever inductee to the Worthless Piece of Shit Blogger Award. This is an honor and a privilege. I'd tell you to click here and get the widget/button, but you're sporting the new dynamic layout. I implore you to switch back, just so you can put it up on your blog. That's your decision entirely anyway.

Off to let R know of his achievement!


  1. I want that Blogger award. If I just 'nice blog' you for a few weeks, will you present me with this beauty? I don't know R's blog, and he has never commented me, but many like him have. I just delete their comment and move on. Every now and then, I get the urge to tell them off, but they don't care.

    1. Oh it's not that simple. You can steal the widget if you like, free for anyone to use.. but you actually have to write terrible posts as well as terrible comments in order to get on the official WPoSB list. Sorry!

  2. i`d love to be able to say i care, but i cant because of a sore throat. original content always gets my attention, its a rare thing these days.,

  3. Actually I haven't encountered this one. I had a guy named "Mr. Jack House" (almost sounds like Mr. Jackass) come by my place. I mark all his comments Spam and after a while they all get routed there without me having to look at them.

    Do you not use the Spam button? Or does it not work for you?

    1. I got him too. By default he went to the spam folder for me. And yes, I do use the button, but every time I moderate the comments I see the spam notification. I can't help but look. That much is my own fault.

    2. Hey Mr. Jack House's comments directly went in to my spam folder too! I didn't even see them there for the longest time! (Hes the only follower I ever lost!)

    3. You got to lose him? That's great.

  4. Haven't been visited by exactly this guy, but I vaguely remember seeing him around other places. When that's said, it's more of this type where it comes from....

    1. Excuse me, what? That last sentence, I can't say I understand it.

  5. I was JUST bitching about this guy somewhere the other day! It is SO obvious that he spends zero time reading or listening to anything. First of all, the only thing he had to say about the slutty brownies was, "Hmmmmm....yummy, I love brownines!" Really? Who the hell doesn't? I was cracking myself up while writing that, and all I got from him was I love brownies? Usually I get "Look delicious, nice recipe". Thanks, I know fucker. That's why I posted it. What I'm getting at is that I am here to help when "Operation Fuck R's Shit Up" goes down.

    1. That operation sounds much more hardcore than this simple little award.

  6. I like R's posts! He's always first to comment and says the same thing... I pretend hes retarded!

  7. I like the cryptic, Yoda type comments that I get such as:

    "Thanks for sharing this nice post.welcome to your return visit true religion jean jacket."

    Am I the "true religion jean jacket" and if so what does that mean?!

    R is never that interesting, though. His comments are usually just "Sexy!" or "Sexy movie!"

    1. I always assumed those were just bots that used other peoples comments to form their own.


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