Rising Sunset

To a child, a lot can be Bizarre. If you'd told me when I was 4 about the solar system, how Earth revolves around a sun, or how those pretty stars are actually suns of their own solar systems, my mind  would've blown. I would've thought you were joking.

A star is a star, it's not as big as the sun. 

There's still full grown adults out there that don't know that. But this isn't about them. No, this is about another kind of ignorance. This is beyond not knowing when to ad 'ing' to a word. This is closer to calling counter-clockwise reverse-clock-ways.

I'm prolonging this more than I have to. I just came on to moderate any comments on my music blog I might have, and I found this:


I decided against posting his name, because the following remarks are going to be quite embarrassing and this isn't a bad guy. Maybe he was tired or something.

OW, owch, fuck you, you greasy cunt smegma, you've twisted my arm. If you're so curious, here's the direct link to the comment.

Now, what do you spot? We could start at the appalling lack of periods for starters, but that's child's play. How about "the lyrics are remind me"? But again, these things happen to the best of us. Can you spot it? Have you yet? Maybe the post's title wasn't enough. Here's one last hint.

Do you not enjoy reading directly from www.ilikenoses.blogspot.com?

Now wait a damn second, buddy, I think the bizarre point here is your choice of words. You see, the planet we live on actually keeps revolving. The sun is always setting somewhere in the world, but you know, it's also rising somewhere else in the world. Normally, in reverse retarded, we call this a sunrise. It's a lot like what you're describing here, but well, less bizarre.

Is it just me? Maybe rising sunsets are perfectly bizarre here on Earth, and I'm some alien immigrant who's been trained to believe Earth is my original homeland. Maybe my thinking a sunrise is normal is as bizarre as thinking that Kim Kardashian is ridiculously attractive.

Maybe Kim Kardashian doesn't even exist on this planet.

Maybe life not so terrible here after all.