WPoSB Award

There are great bloggers out there. There are good ones, bad ones, and downright terrible ones too. This is an award for the latter of those, who often go unnoticed, and often need a shovel up their ass.

Just like movies, these bloggers can be so bad they're good. They can be amusing with the lack of interest they show even for themselves, or they can be terrible e-actors. It's because of this I've decided  to create the Worthless Piece of Shit Blogger Award. It's difficult to be so terrible, not everyone can do it. And the few who can deserve a little recognition, dammit.

How this award works

This isn't a silly chain award, this is meant to be an honor and a privilege to accept. While anyone anywhere is allowed to stick the award's button on their respective blogs, only I (D4) will update the below list with official worthless pieces of shit.

List of WPoS's
  1. R - Read about him here.
If you are, or know someone who you believe deserves to be an Official Worthless Piece of Shit, contact me either here or on a comment.

If you've been awarded the honor,

or if you'd simply like to sport the badge on your site, you may find the HTML code below.

Click anywhere within the box, then hit Ctrl+A, and follow that with Ctrl+C. You can now paste the code anywhere that supports HTML. You're welcome!

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