Give Me a Disease

I don't support heart attacks. Or diabetes. And only on an occasional basis, cancer, and only because it's pretty fucking unavoidable. We get cancer on our ice, booty munch, if you wanna avoid cancer live the vegan life up in the Himalayas and—

I'm getting carried away.

I would never buy diabetes, but I'd let you give me some. And maybe, as you give me some, we can help someone else. Someone with needs. And no, fuck feeding the poor. This is way more important than that. Fuck cancer patients, AIDS epidemics, or just people who don't have clean water either. We're talking about real needs here, we're talking about problems we can solve, problems like Mel's about 50,000 views shy of 200,000, and some 18 followers shy of 400 followers, and this shit is about as serious as the lube for your first anal experience. Try not to shit your pants over how fucking terrifyingly serious that is. Try not to shit your pants because you have a gaping wide asshole now, either.

If you go to Mel's blog here and leave a comment stating that I, D4 have sent you, she might send me a Twinkie. She obviously wants my death, I tell you. But that's nothing, because I'll make that sugary slut suck me off. Where's your cream filling now, you Twinkie bitch?

That's when all hell breaks loose and I deep fry that shit. You syphils swallowing ass-cunts don't know? Apparently deep fried Twinkies is the only sure fire way of kick starting your inevitable string of physical diseases. We all know the mental ones have already gone too far for me anyway; it's time.

So if you have any heart at all, you'll finish the job on me. Earn me another chance at winning a Twinkie. Go to this particular page on her blog, and just.. you know. Say I sent you.

You might end up getting the Twinkie for all I know.

Who am I even writing to?

Go to bed, kid.

Why don't you go to ilikenoses.blogspot.com and read the rest of my shit? Are you stupid?