I think these bulk question things are stupid.

I've been tagged in a "random 11 question thing". I think these are stupid.

I remember when I first started blogging, I thought it was awesome. I might get 5 extra page views that day, maybe a shitty comment and the chance to promote some other bloggers. Then I realized that my blogger world is a community, that people run out of people to send these to because of the not so gigantic size of this community, and that when people don't know who else to give these to, they might even resort to the niche blogs that don't feature shit like this. AKA me.

Just the same, there's always gotta be an asshole ready to corrupt the flow of things, and since the reason I made this blog was to be able to do other blog-related posts, I decided to step froward and accept my role.

Here are the rules. Kinda.
  • Put the rules of this Tag on your blog.
  • Everyone tagged should tell 11 things about themselves
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who tagged you
  • Tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
  • Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
  • Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
  • Really do tag 11 others, and don't go all "if you want to, take this tag".
I took the liberty of crossing off the rules that had supersized their order of stupid.

Here's the questions:

  1. First video game you ever played?
    Crash Bandicoot. I don't remember which, he spun a lot.
  2. Favorite game console (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, NES, so on so forth)?
    Playstation 1
  3. Favorite video game?
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Yep.)
  4. Who do you think is the greatest character ever conceived in video games?
    Tomb Raider?
  5. Who is the greatest villain?
    That's an easy one. It's
  6. Best weapon in your opinion (can be any game)?
    I'm gonna have to go with shiny lazer beams.
  7. Biggest pet peeves in games?
    Auto-lock. Hate it when aiming is predetermined.
  8. Your greatest gaming moment ever?
    It was a sad moment that no one ever saw and no one will ever believe. Fuck.
  9. If you were a character from any game, what would you do?
    I guess it depends what character I was.
  10. If given enough time and resources. What would be your life goal?
    I would own a giant music label, coordinate massive concerts around the globe in order to support it and keep the music as close to free as possible while giving artists full access to their deserved studios. No strings attached but no shitty producers allowed. Lol dreams.
  11. Do think this it the eleventh question? I got lazy and asked a shitty 11th question
    I could tell.

If you enjoyed reading that you should really consider picking up a book. If you wish you had the opportunity to answer questions like these, don't. It's a pain in the ass. Trust me.

Go play with fire, kids. It's pretty.


  1. Really digging this other side of you.

    1. Actually, this is the same side. Being politically correct is just something I can pull off well.

    2. you are far more diplomatic than i...i have a tendency to let it just go. i have had to go back and edit many an f-bomb out of a post (though there ARE a few that got through). its just difficult for me to NOT use my favorite word.

    3. On occasion I'll feel the need to let one get past on the blog. I exchange it for asterisks. The best way to go really IS just letting it go. Feels nice to just say "fuck" in writing sometimes. No third parties trying to sensor me, those are silly.

  2. The people that invent these things and ask these terrible questions are usually the people who don't deserve to be asking questions. I mean, "If you were a character from any game, what would you do?" Is that supposed to be 'who would you be?' or were they really just asking what you would do if you were ANY video game character?

    "Uh, I'd run around and try not to die."

    I hate bulk questions. I hate awards. I hate anything that's just a lame excuse to promote yourself shamelessly.

    Also, I'm glad you started this blog. As a cynical, sarcastic person with asshole-ish tendencies... I. LOVE. THIS.

    1. I can actually appreciate the effort he put into writing the questions. He's Chinese, I notice he has the occasional grammar slip-up, and to continue with this anyway with all it's ridiculous rules, all the best to him. It's still stupid, but it's not like I resent the guy.

      And I'm glad you love!

  3. My favorite is the "blogger award" crap that goes around.

  4. I can see these going around social networking sites but on Blogger? Naw.

  5. The flames are beautiful, aren't they. They'll lick us if we ask them too.

    1. You bot-using cockmuncher, man the fuck up and read posts if you want people to visit your two shits worth of blogs.

      Die of testicular cancer.

  6. I got tagged in the same one...
    I'd be shit at games if it wasn't for auto-lock...yes I'm lame...

  7. Replies
    1. Hey, it's spelled article. How do you blog if you can;t write worth for shit?

      Fuck off, dipshit.

  8. LOL! I was tagged, but I'm too lazy to do it... good for you for even answering the 11 questions!

  9. It's like every blog I have read lately has been tagged. I prefer your questions and answers lol!

  10. I think this is my new favorite blog. Well played, sir.

    1. At only two posts in, I'm a bit on the honored side.

  11. I want people to feel comfortable with who they are, and to love whatever appeals to them, even when they are very wrong. You are a little wrong. Your favorite console shpuld be Wii, out of a sense of loyalty. You favorite video game should be BioShock because it is amazing. The end.

    1. You're cute. I like you. Let's play BioShock on the Wii together.

  12. Must admite I love answering these kind of questions and when there the right questions they can tell people alot about you... not these exact questions but some questions can!

    Also you didn't write anything down for number 5. Is it suppose to be: He Who Cannot Be Named? the bassist for the Dwarfs?

    1. I must have a thing for answering the too since I keep doing it.

      I didn't write one for number 5 on purpose. Pretty glad someone noticed, actually.


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