5 Worst Comments I've Received So Far

This blog is gonna be an outlet. Nothing regular, just a place where I can post the stuff I shouldn't on my main baby. All the silly ideas, interesting observations and especially the reasons I rage. I'll try and keep interesting.

I'll be a lot less nice here than over there. You'll notice that when I talk about the dipshits that left the 5 worst comments I've received so far. Let's start this off!

The least stupid of the 5 worst comments, this was just the average dicksniffer who stops by to let me know he exists. Usually these guys say something like "Nice post!" or "That's awesome. Following!" These guys come and go, their comments are unnoticed and deleted immediately.

Stonkmeister was special though. On a post where I mention Steely Dan consistently as a they, Stonk had to come and admit he hadn't read a word of what I wrote and said:

Steely Dan is awesome, love his stuff!

Trivial detail by a useless blogger. Nothing to get too upset over, but still, fuck off and die (but don't die yet, suffer a little first).

You can find the post and comment here.

#'s 4 & 3 Dejch and Breakingbrokers

I'm just gonna go right on ahead and say I'm glad these two idiots are no longer active.

They both made the mistake of not reading my post at all. Nothing. Not even the parts in bold. Now I'm not saying you have to read, but if you're not going to read you shouldn't be commenting. You're gonna make me realize you've got shit for brains. (It feels nice to finally get this off my chest.)

They were both on my Greyhound - Jamaica Rum post, where I explained and made obvious several times that though the song is often confused to be Bob Marley's creation, it's actually a song by Greyhound. The first blatant dickwad was Dejch:

i like good old bob.. and this song is definitly one of my favorite!

The second illiterate asswipe was Breakingbrokers. Again, if you're just gonna listen, that's fine. But if you're gonna comment, at the very least skim. Instead he plunged head first into:

Awwwww love this shit! Jamaican Rum, no better. fav BM song

First of all, it's "Jamaica" Rum, but that's a tiny detail, I let that slide. What's not a tiny detail is the author. I was perfectly clear on that post.

Both of these monkey's asses can lick each other off in a back alley.

Now it starts getting hard. Drivebot is a guy I have a little respect for, regardless of what an idiot he is and has been on the blog. Going to the profile you should find a blog dedicated to mustaches, and another dedicated to his DJing. He's decent.

But he's also an idiot. It's not the first time, but this was the worst case. He took his time to find a link and think out his comment, but not to read the post.

It was in a post about The Hi-Lo's, I mentioned that the song had been sampled in a Jurassic 5 song. And then he commented.

Ah ha! It's froma cut chemist song i recognize this. or Jurassic 5. yeah Jurassic 5. awesome :)

here's the jurrasic 5 song with the sample. enjoy

No kidding, shit for brains. Really? It's almost like I said that. And linked to it.

It's his special kind of stupid along with how lazy he was that gives him the honor of being #2 on this list. Woo!

Now, this is a guy I would really like, if not for his dumb-as-fuck comments. He has an interesting blog, is an interesting  person, but repays the favor of your visit by quickly peeking at the title of your post and leaving a comment.

If he never commented on my blog in the first place, if he never even visited, I would've still read and commented on his blog. Since I couldn't comment without receiving some form of shitty comment, I stopped going altogether.

His worst comment was on my Dub Pistols post. It was a normal post, really. I said some stuff, posted a link to a big-beat and dub band. Mentioned that dub wasn't dubstep, and got generally nice views on the song.

Scrotumthroat Bowen had this to say:

I still have a hard time getting into dubstep. Like they said on South Park, "isn't it just crap noises over a drumbeat?"

Timbow earns spot number one for not even bothering to listen to the song. He's been a worthless commenter, and I hope he never stops by my music blog ever again.

There's a moral to be learned here. Don't comment if you don't read. You're not doing yourself a favor. I'll just bring you back here and vent, give you a bad name.

Or you could do it anyway. Even bad publicity is good publicity, right?


  1. What an awesome idea! Sooooo happy I checked in and saw you did this. I am still rolling as I comment and am very happy to not have made the list! I love to reap the benefits of actually paying attention! I can not wait to see what's next!

    1. Oh this is just gonna be an occasional blog. Vents and ideas. And no, you really weren't gonna make this list.

  2. But I love getting these kinds of comments on my blog! It used to be obvious that at least 40% or so never read what I was posting, but that has changed since I've started blogging again. Now I have people commenting who are interested in the films I write about for the most part. Which is nice.

    1. Yeah, after I started getting comments of interest I got a little spoiled.. It's a nice feeling when it's people who actually give a damn.

  3. LOL!!

    I don't know which was my favourite but I know your reply to Scrotumthroat Bowen was hilarious. XD

  4. It's also one of my pet peeves! My blog doesn't have a whole lot of writing. It's mainly a photo blog, but I still get people that go "nice post." How hard is it to look at the photo and make a guess? Why even bother saying "nice post." So annoying.

    Anyways, I'm enjoying this new blog of yours. Hope you update regularly! :)

    1. I've seen the "nice posts" on your blog.. I never got it. It actually upset me to see those.

      And thanks, I'll try!

  5. LOL...especially Mr T Bowen

  6. Hilarious stuff, not the comments but you calling them out here. I applaud you for that. I was actually thinking of making some kind of inane comment here as a joke, but thought the better of it.

    I've got a ton of those kinds of no read comments on my blog from my early days, but fortunately most of those guys have died off.

    1. It was really fun. And you could've made the comment. I've been expecting it, and I wasn't going to get all mad when someone jokingly doesn't read this particular post.

  7. i always face palm when someone comments and obviously didn't read anything i wrote. not that i write much either lol

  8. you got a new follower. excellent bit of raging,, totally justified.

  9. Must admit that I have left a comment or two based almost 100% on the pictures in the blog, but I tryto make more of an effort with yours, You do have an interesting take on music.

    1. Yeah, your effort is noted. And I'm pretty guilty myself, anyway.

  10. I loved this post! Glad I found the link in one of your old posts! (from last week!) Maybe put the link to here on more posts so others can find it! Your a great blogger and it kinda sucks you always focus on music so when I heard you mention this blog I was like "I'm there!" I don't usually follow more then one blog per person (cause I can only follow 300 and am close to my limit) but I'm definitely making an exeption!

    I hope you tear into more crappy comments! I've seen quite a few in many other peoples blogs and now I'm kinda hoping it happens to you more often! Just so I can see more of this! Love hearing you rip into these people!

    When someone leaves a shit comment on my blog I treat them like they were mentally challenged and reply back with a comment that takes them seriously and treats them like how a teacher would talk to a disabled child!

    1. Thanks. I'm not really trying to get this one super well known. If people find it I definitely won't mind, but I'm not going out of my way to make this one popular. Glad you like!


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