How to make your Blogger/GoDaddy link work without "www."

To better understand the emotion behind this post, I recommend hearing Chariots of Fire by Vangelis in the background.

I've spent over a year trying to study and understand how to properly edit zone files on GoDaddy. Mainly because you couldn't reach my site (www.d4am.net) by typing in "d4am.net", but also because I like learning. At least I thought I did for 3 months, until I realized nothing worked. The months that followed showed nothing but the pain and agony of basic code ripping my insides apart as I gave up, tried over, and repeated everything all over again. Always hopeful that one day, maybe, Google would answer my question.

I've found the answer.

All this time I thought, gee, if other people can get it to work, I can too. I can just, make a switch here (and ruin my site for a few precious hours) or make an adjustment there (and clench onto my heart as I try to put everything back exactly how it was.) The trick seemed to be not to use GoDaddy at all.

If you could feel my eye twitching, the sigh of relief, and the release of what seems to be soothing endorphins, you might just understand what finding insomnia over a web address might be. You might decide that yes, some geniuses with the time and the patience really did study all this A Host and CNAME donkey-dung, but me, I prefer the easy way.

This is how you do it.

Go to your blog's settings. You should land directly on your basic settings, and from there you should see your modified blog address. Click edit. Toggle the redirect button.

Here's a visual representation.


Well, I feel stupid. At least I did it. I pulled through, I dedicated, and I probably didn't even have to go through all those sacrifices all these months just to do it.



  1. I'm afraid if I mess with the settings now, I'd screw up all the hard work I put into it. I remember spending way to much time getting it all to work.

    1. It's one very simple click away for your Elsie is Writing blog, that one has the exact same problem I had. If you give someone the link and they decide not to write the www. beforehand, it won't work. Just go to the basic blogger settings and check the box, it's self explanatory and it won't mess anything up.

      Now, mockturtlemusings.com has the opposite problem. If someone decides not to write www. they won't get there. I kinda prefer it that way, it's visually pleasing, but it should still be fixed. I just don't know if it'll resolve the same simple way or not, if it won't, I'd leave it alone. Else is Writing though, it's the same simple fix! Do it!

    2. That was *too* easy. Now, I'm scared the entire world of Blogger just crashed because I used a check mark. Thanks, D4!!

  2. We've never had this problem. But then I noticed that that check box is already checked for us. Not sure why. Neither of us ever did that.

    I will say, though, that GoDaddy/Blogger is a huge pain in the ass. A few months ago we got an e-mail saying that we needed to update our payment information for our registration renewal (card expired), but it didn't say how. There was no way to do this in Blogger, and we couldn't log on to GoDaddy because when we first bought the domain name Blogger had handled everything themselves without actually telling us any of our GoDaddy login credentials. Google also has absolutely no form of tech support and not even a way to contact them.

    So here we were, screaming "please just take my money!" ...and neither side was taking it.

    It took us 2 weeks to get that figured out, and just in time. Otherwise our site would have been down. 2 fucking weeks. Thanks for nothing, Blogger/GoDaddy. It's always great to buy 1 service from 2 companies that apparently don't communicate with each other AT ALL.

    1. You probably bought the url before they separated the services. I really don't know why GoDaddy is a part of it, you'd think Google would be a big enough company to host their own domain names for a reasonable fee..

      I'm glad I got mine when I did. Your problem was terrible too. How'd you end up fixing it? Sent GoDaddy support a message?


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