What the fuck, Damian

I've gotten used to people not reading my main blog. I mean, occasionally I'll get a stray comment from someone I've never heard from and will never will again. But for the most part the regulars stop by, skim maybe, hear the featured track and say something about it.

Enter Damian Wei. A cool little Canadian Asian with a sweet blog. Nothing too original, nothing too visibly pleasing, but it's a decent blog and I actually enjoy even the lengthiest of posts. He's cool, check out his blog.

DWei here has been a regular at my main for a long time. He's shown his occasional skimming, and even went as far as to make a comment that clearly stated he didn't hear something enough to comment about it, something about I just wish I could understand them when they sing. But see, Damian is usually very cool. I let it slide. Poke fun at it, return to daily life because it's no big deal.

But just a little while ago, Damian posted this:

I mean look at it, it's cute
The part that gets to me is my reply. Yes; me. Because once I have to go, "Hey dude, just look at the fucking page when it loads up" I realize how stupid it is that this became a comment at all. When I care about a fellow blogger's blog enough to get in contact with them, I surf the page. I check for the latest post, or any feeds they might have.

Here's the problem.

Why aren't you reading this post at its respectful blog? ilikenoses.blogspot.com motherfucker.
Seriously. It's the first thing you should see.
Not only is there an explanation to my absence right underneath the header, but there's a Twitter and Facebook link just above that. Both of those accounts also have the given information. I made it as clear as possible to those who care that hey, I have to take a little break, but I'll be back.

The comment was probably left so I would return to his blog when it updates, in traditional blogger you scratch my back I scratch yours fashion. I don't really flow that way anymore. So Damian and any other bloggers I follow, the reason I do and comment is because you write something interesting. If I don't like something or if I have nothing to say, I won't unless you're Fran or Ray.


Aw hell no fucker, you got to the end of the post and you STILL haven't clocked in to the actual blog? Fuck you, cunt.
See? He's alright.


  1. You mean you don't spend hours reading shitty blogs that you can't stand just to get your own blog padded with a few extra comments? For shame! A real man knows the length of his e-cock is directly proportional to the amount of comments he/she gets.

    We used to play "the comment game" back before we knew any better. But we quickly learned that those numbers are just empty calories. What's the point in a few extra hits if they're coming from people that don't even read what you write?

    Needless to say, we only read and comment on stuff we want to read. Like this blog. And the music blog. Especially the music blog. Give me a great new Indie group over some shitty mommy blog any day. Oh, your 3 year old took a shit on the carpet today? Awesome. I don't fucking care.

    1. I edited it out of the post, but a big deal for me was when I noticed that the biggest most well known music blogs rarely ever have comments at all. Then I was there, relatively unknown, receiving dozens of comments on even the most boring posts. Yeah, no.

      The mommy blog thing made me laugh. I've yet to be graced with a full blown mommy blog like that.

  2. So am I just that interesting and you're not afraid of me so you always comment?? Because you ALWAYS stop by and see what I have to say and always respond. So I must be that awesome. I don't know. Anyway, I knew a couple of days ago that you wouldn't be updating this week and I felt absolutely terrible that it took me until yesterday to check in on you...because I really meant to do so earlier. I'm really glad everything is ok!

    1. Actually, you have to your advantage that I've gotten to know you enough where I care about what you've got to say. It's similar to DWei's situation. To your advantage though, if I don't care for what you're talking about, I usually have a recipe I do care about. And though I just about never make a recipe you've put up, I do let it inspire the foods I make. "Oh that ingredient, it's been a while since I've had that, maybe I can put that on my burger tonight.." is common. And actually, I don't always respond. Occasionally a miss a few posts, or I've gotten to a post too late and have nothing witty to say, so I just read and move along. But if I do comment, I definitely took the time to read.

      As for the nice post thing, smooth. Smooth.

  3. Oh, I forgot...nice post.


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