I hate writing the word fuck. I could say it all day every day, in every paragraph and even multiple times per sentence if I had to, but writing it just feels so wrong and dirty. Fuck is just such a raw word, it's carried almost entirely by the emotion put behind it. It's the word that comes out when you're not even thinking of words anymore. When you stub your toe you yell "fuck," when you absolutely despise someone you don't wish them a very slow Chinese water torture, you tell them to go fuck themselves, and when you listen to that perfect song for the first time in 15 years, it's only most likely you'll let out a long sigh of melancholic "fuuuck."


Sometimes there's no word to substitute it. Which is why yesterday, as I finished writing my first ever screenplay, I mentioned to nobody but myself how much I fucking love writing. I'm not even that great. I'm not that bad, but I could be better. I won't be winning an award. I left imperfections because they felt organic. All I can think of after this point is how much I fucking love writing. Not passionately love, it's so much more. Not even blindly, madly, deeply, as cliche and near perfect as it would be. Fucking love is the only way it feels right to say it. Maybe because the wound it's left me is still so fresh. Maybe it's because I just saw a peak of my imaginative side without restrictions. No longer thinking I need visual aid, or to satisfy someone, or to impress anybody. I felt a whole world come to life through my fingertips for the first time, and it was like a lifetime's work of writing about all the passion artists put into music in one tiny little digital report. I won't stop doing that, I can't. I've already felt what a lifetime's work of it feels like. Even if it remains a hobby for the rest of my life, stopping would be a dagger to my fucking heart. But I feel the ceaseless need to write more. To write for me, and for others who see things like I do. Maybe not always screenplays, but fuck, I am definitely doing that again.

Maybe I'll try one of these book writing challenges. Maybe I'll poke around and find an artist to write a webcomic with me. I have to try as many mediums as possible to see which one feels like the most lifetimes of amazing work, so I can live my life a million times over through passion.


  1. Wow I feel inspired after reading this. Writing sounds like one hell of a drug.

  2. Yay!! You finished and got bit by the writing bug as a result!! So, do we get a mini preview of sorts any time soon? God, I hope so. I love how you write. The funny thing about the word fuck is I used to say it a whole lot more than I do now. Having kids helped edit that potty mouth of mine. I also just removed "fuck" from my first book. I don't know why I felt compelled to edit them all out, I just did it.

    I can think of a few bloggers who'd love to help you do a webcomic….

    1. Well, it's written in Spanish.. I could preview with the subtitles I intend to write, but that'll be extremely vague. It'll be a short, I'll be sure to post it up here when it's released.

      I'm pretty good with not saying the word under inadequate situations. It's just really fun to say because of the emotional pull.

      I can think of a few artists myself. It has to be talked out, but feel free to send them my way if they're genuinely interested. I'm just a perfectionist, might be a little difficult working with me.


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