I get it. Money is important.

I'm pissed. I am fully aware everyone's entitled to their own opinion, that's great and all, but so many people have such fucking terrible ideas coursing through their grey matter that I have to wonder what honestly drives them. The case I was presented with earlier was a simple one, that someone who was involved in a business for longer should retire so that younger newcomers could keep their job. Anyone having to lose their job for any reason other than doing a bad one upsets me, but that's not what grinds my motherfucking gears.

What really truly pisses me off are comments like: "He would've kept his job if this old 60 year old would retire. Fucking greedy people." "He Should retire by then."

[PICTURE] Please, kindly use this sandpaper to go fuck yourself into a coma
Or just go burn somewhere in a corner

Now using my admittedly limited psychological knowledge on the reason people would think this, I think of the American dream. The dream being to make money during your youth, then grow old and use money you've put away to survive and enjoy life. It's similar thinking that states as soon as you finish high school, before you've mentally matured, you should pick a major and study your ass off for something that you might hate but will definitely make you money. This means that in today's case, this fucking epic man of a 60 year old was perfectly capable of living the American dream. He's getting negative attention because that's not his dream. What's so wrong with doing what you love until you can? Until this "old" man has arthritis on his fingers, until his legs give out, until he is actually handicapped. Why should anybody stop him from waking up in the morning and doing something he loves? What fucked up mentality does it take to think that age as a number is enough of a reason to give up your passion and make way for the youth which, in my very personal experience just aren't as good at labor as before.

We didn't need to label food as organic before because we had hard working farmers. Doctors would check your tongue, your eyes, and personally hear your heart before prescribing you anything. Cars were built to last. I see cars from the '70s every once in a while. You think you'll be seeing a 2008 Corolla in 2044?

I get it. Money is important. I see why people prioritize it over what they love. I see how people can find any excuse necessary and pin their hard times on that. I just think there's better ways to cope, especially ways that don't have to piss me right the fuck off.


  1. The comments I want to write would make me sound like an old geezer. Something to the effect of, "Back in the good ol' days, kids accepted their parents' rules, they didn't sue them." Or, "The American dream used to be obtainable but then the idea of sitting on your ass and doing nothing for money got popular." So, yeah, I'll refrain from such silliness.

    I truly believe it is those older people that still have a strong work ethic to make sure the company they work at thrives. Most of them understand that although the clock says five, it doesn't mean it's the end of the day until all the fires are put out. The younger people don't have the same mentality. At least, most of them.

  2. Let's not forget that the retirement age is steadily rising, so that 60 year old may not be working just because he wants to. He may HAVE to keep working just to survive. Maybe even until he's 70. 75. So what's he supposed to do, just quit his job and live in a homeless shelter because some entitled brat with a fresh college degree deserves it more?

    Besides, statistically speaking, younger generations are more likely to "job hop" in favor of bigger and better opportunities compared to someone who's 60 who's probably been at this company for a long time. You're telling me this guy needs to get the boot so that some kid can work here for one and a half years before he decides he's going to jump ship and work somewhere else because they're gonna offer him an extra $2k a year and a closer parking spot?


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