The "Good" Hip Hop Artist

I was organizing my D4AM contacts list onto this nice understandable format, when I found some emails I could have sworn I'd deleted by some random unnamed lyricist who I may or may not have written about here. At the end of that there post, he went on a 3 comment tangent, supposedly not realizing that comments were moderated, and made a complete fool of himself in the process.

I sent him an apology email. It's lengthy, so I won't be posting it. My main points were "Your lyrics are good, your rhyming style is white" and ""This is a pretty self centered album, bro."

I also ended the email with:

Now on to a different note, you left three comments on the page. I monitor the comments myself, and I allowed them. In the comments you make your points, but you repeat a lot. I know it's hard to control oneself when upset, but it doesn't paint you in a positive light. If you want me to delete some, or if you want to re-write your point so that future readers can see that, that's fine with me. I'll even link to it at the bottom of the post. Otherwise, if you're truly unhappy with the post, I can delete it for you. Not many people would do this, but again I wasn't trying to insult you and I feel you're insulted. I'll take the post down if it means you'll be happier.

This would make sense if you read the post on the blog yourself, wouldn't it?
I was about as nice about it as a puppy happily awaiting bacon. But I didn't receive no fucking bacon. I received chocolate covered razor blades. I was not a happy puppy.

To say that it sounds like I studied a thesaurus and then to compare me to Vanilla Ice, it is contradictory. You have a cheesy white one hit wonder and then you have me, an intricate lyricist. Then to go on to say that I'm pretty much saying nothing? C'mon! There are plenty of Hip-Hop references that more than likely went over your head. I study, breathe and live Hip-Hop. I have a nice little following and there is blatant story telling during the LP, Maybe some of it will resignate years from now (lol), I don't know. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you contradicted yourself a tad bit. Asher Roth is decent but Eminem is corny and if those are your only two WHITE Hip-Hop references besides Vanilla Ice and Beastie Boys, That's sad. There are a ton of other underground white rappers with undeniable skill. 
If you could please delete the last two comments from me on your page I would appreciate it. I understand you are not a Hip-Hop blog and that is fine but it is offensive at certain parts of your write up.

Resignate isn't a word, you illiterate chunk of wanna-be white trash. Your syntax feels like the surviving remains of Shakespeare's unwanted abortion. Using two well known white rappers for reference is not near as sad as thinking that those are the only ones I know of. At least you say please. And no, definitely not a hip hop blog. Before I got to respond, he sent another email. I'm just gonna highlight some of the best stuff here.

Also when you say a lot of the lyrics are me speaking of myself, that is false. I am speaking in first person but through another alias. If you listen to it, it tells the story of a homeless man who is misunderstood. I metaphorically call myself a shark or a cryptic type creature because I feel that Homeless people, like sharks get a bad reputation and are misunderstood. For instance, most of them are docile but because of a few attacks both on the shark end and the homeless end, the media and what is unknown about these people and creatures are misunderstood. That was a huge reason for the album. Most of the album besides a few things are spoken through a different persona.

The word 'homeless' shouldn't be capitalized. I might capitalize genres, but only because I'd rather not italicize them. The lack of basic syntax has just lead [Unnamed Rapper] here to tell me that the media is as misunderstood as the homeless and sharks, with a terrible segue into it. I'm not even touching comma use. And could you be more of a dick? His anger secretes so much negative fluid; I'm afraid he might still be angrily humping your thoughts in my direction.

The comment he didn't ask me to delete mentioned that in order to properly understand the album, you had to download it and read the booklet it came with. The basis to this being that the booklet would explain everything he failed to in his rhymes. What a great concept; a lyric based album that can't properly explain itself.

Finally [Unnamed Rapper], if you ever read this and take offense, hit me up. Let's rap this out. I don't have a studio, I don't have beats, and I am definitely not a rapper. I insist, however, I can rap circles around you. Bring it.


  1. Homeless people are sharks? Bro, that's so deep I can't even see you right now.

    What a tool. I remember this post, and I even remember my comment that was posted on there. Not sure if that exacerbated the whole thing since I got a kick out of it and mentioned it (I still stand by it, hilarious that you called him on it). I also didn't see it as an insult, either.

    For a guy with a "nice little following" he sure cares a lot about what one blogger on the Internet thinks of him. You know, if we tracked down and quibbled endlessly with every person who didn't like one of our books or just "didn't get it" we'd have to quit our day jobs. Not everyone is going to love or "get" your stuff. Welcome to the fucking Internet, population everybody and their mother.

    For fuck's sake, sometimes you just have to know when to pick your battles, and you'd think a hip hop artist would have a thicker skin than this.

    1. Just to clear a few things up, I was the first person outside of his direct line of content to write about his efforts. He left a series of comments, but I emailed him to apologize. The 7 email conversation that concluded was all him though.

  2. I don't know D. I went back and read his comment. It resignated with me (okay, I had to type that word four times to get auto correct to let stick, how did he mess it up so badly?) It resignated deeply.

    So, let me get this straight, you're enough of a gentleman to keep his comments on moderation and he still bitches? There is a large part of me that wishes you hit publish on his other two comments. And, I don't think I should have to download an explanation to lyrics. I either get them or I don't. I don't want someone explaining them to me. That's not how music works. At least, not for me.

  3. Actually, I allowed all of his comments to go through. I hold no censorship at D4AM. I just deleted the ones he didn't want put up. It was a lot of redundant rambling, you only missed a chuckle or two.


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